Getting all Confucius and nature loving – A wrap up of my second month on the road

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Without sounding too cliched, time surely is flying… It’s not like I’ve been having fun seeing tourist destinations or buying gadgets or nicely fitted clothes. I’ve finally felt like I’m in a good space where the simple act of going … Read all about it!

Taking time out in Puerto Escondido

A fire twirler practicing before his shift at a beach bar down the road

When we left Oaxaca City, it was a cool and dry 22 degrees. Upon arriving at Puerto Escondido with our bodies sore and aching from the Death Bus, we were greeted with  30 degree and tropical like weather. It would … Read all about it!


Can Never Get Sick Of This View

Can Never Get Sick Of This View

One of the most difficult things I’ll have to cope with will be leaving the my current location of Balmain in Sydney. Having spent exactly ten years living here, it’s been a joy and a curse as well as I’ve realised it is one of the reasons as to why it’s taken so long to finally take the plunge and spend so much time on the road.

Now is the time to live outside the comfort zone