The budget breakdown for Central America.


Some readers have have asked me how I’ve been tracking with the travel budget, so here is a semi detailed summary of how I’m going so far. For those who know me, I am a sucker for a analytics and … Read all about it!

July Update – Missing Guatemala and the South American leg begins


I’m three months into the trip now and I’m starting to wonder whether I’ve bitten off more than I can chew and whether I’m travelling the “right” way. Since the previous months wrapup I’ve travelled from Guatemala to Utila in … Read all about it!

Guatemala – Not the dangerous place that everybody tells you about.


I’ve just left Guatemala and it’s nothing like the dangerous country that most people make it out to be. When I was doing my research on all things Guatemala, all I came across was how dangerous the country was, especially … Read all about it!

Getting all Confucius and nature loving – A wrap up of my second month on the road

Photo 2013-06-14 04.56.32 PM

Without sounding too cliched, time surely is flying… It’s not like I’ve been having fun seeing tourist destinations or buying gadgets or nicely fitted clothes. I’ve finally felt like I’m in a good space where the simple act of going … Read all about it!