The week in photos – Thirty Eight – Food

Hello and welcome to another week in photos!

It’s been a pretty busy week in Saigon. I’ve done a lot more exploring in District 3 and ventured out to District 5 to the markets and also more of District 1 where I live. The city is a completely different place in the mornings up until 8am; it’s chaotic and almost normal like, the temperature is much more bearable and there are plenty of people exercising in the parks which is always a fun sight to see. I’ve also discovered a few new cool and funky cafes thanks to James from Nomadic Notes.

I’m off to the coastal town of Phan Thiet tomorrow for a few days to attend a family engagements. It’ll be good to hang out with the relatives more and also hang by the beach where I dare say, there will be plenty of seafood consumed. I’ll also be hanging back a few days afterwards to relax and enjoy Mui Ne and back to the big city mid week.

With this week’s post, it’s all about food. I’m surprised that I haven’t really done a post on food photos so here it is! There should be some longer blog posts on my food journeys here as well.

As usual, let me know which one makes you salivate the most. I am get hungry just looking at them!

vietnamese spring rolls

Spring rolls from Nha hang Ngon restaurant. These were so plump with crabs and pork, I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear with every bite.

com tam rice

Takeaway Com Tam (broken rice) from the local restaurant in the alleyway near my place. A selection of tofu in tomatoes, eggs, and braised ribs. So delicious.

banh cuon

Banh Cuon (like a steamed rice flour crepe) with egg which I’ve never had before but it’s the perfect breakfast.

bbq ribs

BBQ ribs from a place near where I live. They were so huge and meaty I only needed two. While I was waiting for them to be cooked, the young guys working there starting pumping out the cheesey NRG music at full volume.

iphone food photography

Testing out the new iPhone 6. Not a bad camera for taking photos. The stabilisation is much better than the 4s that I had. Here I’m using my iPad mini with the Lightbox app to provide some fill light on a Banh Mi that I bought.

market bun thit nuong

I had this Bun Thit Nuong at the markets in Cho Lon in District 5. I was there super early and not many places had opened up. Had a nice chat to the owners who as usual questions about settling down.

benh beo

Three different uses of rice flour. Soooo good with the special dressing.

hu tieu

Hu Tieu Suon. Pork rib noodle soup in a delicate broth. The ribs were falling off the bone and the quail eggs add a nice richness to it.

So which one makes you salivate the most?

If you love any of the photos from this post, you can purchase them from my portfolio site here.

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  1. Well anything with quail egg is just fantastic (raw or cooked) and so that grabbed me! Such beautiful stuff! Your photos are amazing and I have a MAC photo question and will thus send you an email! Meanwhile, fantastic post! Cheers! – LB

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