The week in photos – Thirty Seven.

Hello and welcome to another week in photos from Saigon!

It’s been a fairly busy week. I’ve been working on upping the amount of writing for the blog as well as working on launching a new blog as which I’ll announce soon. I’ve been trying a few new dishes and also venturing out to new districts as well. I’m hoping to check out a few more districts during next week next week as I haven’t been taking the camera out that often this week.

Next week I’m heading out to the coast area around Mui Ne which is where my family lived before fleeing as refugees in 1978. It’s the anniversary of my cousin passing away so the family are all heading there to pay their respects and hopefully I’ll be able to retrace the moments before my family left Vietnam. Before that though, I’ll head there earlier mid week so I can do a bit more exploring and eat plenty of seafood.

Hope you have a great weekend. As usual, let me know which photos you like the most.


bun suong

This is a bowl of Bun Suong. It’s made of pork broth, slices of pork, whole prawn and also a cylindrical pieces of prawn cake. Despite it’s simple looks, it was quite delicious but can only be found at a small stall in Ben Thanh Markets. I find it hard to believe so it’s a mission of mine to find another place that can make it.

vietnam dogs

Vietnamese people love their tiny dogs but this is the largest and fluffiest one I’ve seen.

sunsets in ho chi minh city

The afternoon storm clouds are beginning to become fewer, revealing some stunning colours in the sky. I love the reflections off this building.

notre dame

Just keeping up my record of posting a photo of Notre Dame Basilica. My favourite snack is dried squid that are strung up like an art display and sold from the back of bicycles.

le van tam park

Le Van Tam Park in the middle of the day. I was surprised at the size of the parks and public spaces in Saigon. There are plenty of places to escape the heat and traffic under the shade of the towering trees.

le van tam

A small amusement park within Le Van Tam park. I’ve never seen it in operation but apparently on weekends it gets a workout.

vietnamese families

My cousins and their families.

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