The week in photos – Thirty Six

Xin Chao from Saigon!

I’m back from a week in Thailand and where I’m planning on staying put for at least a month. One thing that I noticed while away was that  when you go back and forth between Vietnam and Thailand as many times as I have in the past few months, the distinction between the flavours of food becomes even more apparent – or maybe my palate is going through a change?

Anyhow, it rained for most of the week in Chiang Mai but it was hot and sunny in Bangkok. I managed to squeeze in my first round of golf  in a couple of years with a some friends and despite being a little rusty with all aspects of my game, I managed to shoot a decent score. I was also treated to a five course meal cooked by my friend Marion. Maybe it’s why I like coming to Bangkok so often now – I’m always getting eating well each time we catch up.

The ball’s started to roll here with some potential work opportunities. I’m using my time here to “potentially” start earning an income whilst on the road; something that I haven’t put too much effort into until now, but I’ll reveal more about it next week. I’m also going to branch out into more districts to try new foods which I will soon start writing about more often.

Hope you have a great weekend and as usual, let me know which ones are your favourite photos.

Happy eating,


bangkok alleyway

I was walking in the Sukhumvit area in Bangkok where there would be mall after mall. Then all of a sudden I cross this alley way.

banh mi

First task when back in Saigon is to continue my Banh Mi quest. I’ve clocked up about twelve banh mi in the previous fortnight that I’ve been in Saigon.

wedding photography ho chi minh city

Around Notre Dame Basilica is a popular location for wedding shoots. Apparently this is a scene from the movie Bridesmaids.

flowers ho chi minh city

Street side orchids for sale.

recycle cart ho chi minh city

Pushing a cart of recyclable rubbish across the bridge on the edge of District 1.

Notre dame basilica ho chi minh city

The rear end of Notre Dame


Grilling pork for the restaurant inside.

Which one is your favourite?

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