The week in Photos – The Best Of Monochrome Month on Instagram.

Greetings from Edinburgh!

It’s been another busy week with over 1,200km’s driven getting to and around the Isle of Skye in the north of Scotland where the scenery was just mind blowing. The five hours it should have taken to reach my destination there took twice as long because I had stopped every few minutes to take in the scenery.

The beautiful weather’s continued until today so we’ve taken advantage of it by getting as much use out of the BBQ as well can. I can’t tell you how much I love the availability of meat, fruit and vegetables here. The berries come in twice the volume and half the price than that of Australia so it all hasn’t been steak, steak and steak (although it feels like it ;))

Today, I’m off to London today via train. It’s a five hour trip that will take me through the south of Scotland, North and the Central England. I’ve always enjoyed this trip as takes as much time in total as a flight and I can read or sleep on the train and take in the views. I’m in London for a week in total which doesn’t feel like much but will be the most I’ve stayed there in one time. I have quite a few friends and ex colleagues to catch up over a few pints and I’m hoping to capture a few photos as usual while I’m there.

This week’s week in photos is a collection of my favourite Instagram photos from June which I dubbed as Monochrome Month. I set the challenge of just posting black and white or monochrome which was an interesting experiment. Behind the two colours there are still a myriad of colours and tones that affect the final result and processing in black and white really made me think about the mood that I wanted to convey. You’ll probably see a few more coming from me.

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As always, let me know which one you like and feel free to share around if you like!


 A young monk on Mandalay Hill.

 A long exposure photo looking out to Cramond Island.

 A waterfall along The Almond River near where I am staying.

 My cheeky nieces cooling off on a Scottish summers day

 A Vietnamese moto taxi driver has an afternoon siesta.

 A pearl in an oyster in Halong Bay, Vietnam.


 An ethnic Padaung woman from Inle Lake, Burma.

On my way to the Isle of Skye

The final sunset in The Isle of Skye, Scotland.

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