Fifteen images that will make you go to Patagonia

If somebody mentions landscape photography, my immediate thoughts shoot back to October/November 2013 when I made my first visit to the Patagonia region. It was to be the pinnacle of my adventures in Latin America and it sure didn’t disappoint. From the moment we arrived to Colombia and the start of the Andes mountain range, the landscapes just got better and better the further south I went.

Patagonia is an area of land that extends across the southern regions of Argentina and Chile. The captivating landscape and terrain varies from deserts, grasslands, archipelagic waters, glacial lakes and a complex networks of fjords. Adventurers come from all over the world to be tested throughout most months of the year where summer conditions can still serve up gale force winds and snow storms and.

As soon as I arrived in El Chalten, I felt as though the real part of the trip had begun and deep down I felt it was the main reason why I came to South America. Many people ask me if they should go to Patagonia as it’s a long way from Buenos Aires and other attractions such as Iguazu Falls. Ultimately it comes down to individual and I never recommend where people should go and what they should do based on my preferences; but for me, Patagonia is one of those places that should be appreciated by everybody. It can be experienced on many levels, whether through just a day trip to the grand Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina or a physically and mentally testing nine day trek in Torres del Paine; Patagonia has it all.

I spent over a month in total in the Patagonia region and there were many areas that I didn’t visit due to an injury sustained on a steep descent in El Chalten. I’ve met people who have spent more than two months there and I could easily see myself returning to do the same thing. What draws me to the area is the fresh mountain air, meeting all types of adventurous folk, drinking the cool glacial water and enjoying the trekking. For me, when I was out there was I felt the most relaxed and at peace with myself and that nothing in life was ever a big enough deal to worry about.

When I talk to new friends about my time in Patagonia, I end up showing them my favourite photos from the region. It usually does a good job in convincing them as well as myself to go back, but I’ll let you decide for yourself.

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Cycling around Bariloche is an easy affair where you can enjoy the Amancay flowers in bloom in summertime.


Bariloche is located in the Lakes District, north of Argentina. As you can see there are many lakes that stretch across this region into Chile.

El Chalten

el chalten

One of the few glaciers in El Chalten you can get up close to.

el chalten

On the way to Cerro Fitzroy which is a nine hour hike there and back into town.

el chalten

Everywhere you look, there are so many postcard moments in El Chalten.

el Chalten

The hike up to Cerro Fitzroy is steep and difficult, ascending through to the snow line.

el chalten

Laguna Sucia at the base of Torres Fitzroy. The water is glacial runoff and the a colour that I had never seen a lake to be. On this day, there were rays of sunshine piercing the clouds and dancing along the lake with the movements of the clouds.

El Calafate

perito moreno glacier

A panoramic view of Perito Moreno Glacier

el calafate

Overlooking the town of El Calafate. It is used as a base to visit the Perito Moreno Glacier and where the airport is located.

Torres del Paine 

torres del paine

Effects from the fires two years ago are still visible where nearly two thirds of the park was affected from a tourist lighting a fire.

Lago Nordenskiöld

torres del paine

A double rainbow caused by the extreme wind conditions blowing the water off the surface of the lake

torres del paine

Lago Torres, Torres del Paine. If you start the W-Trek from the east then you will finish up here.

The fjords of Southern Chile


On the Navimag cargo ship for three nights navigating through the fjords of western Chile. Countless glaciers, waterfalls and dolphins can be seen along this unique route from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt.

navimag ferry

The fjords can be extremely narrow in some parts where you can almost throw a ball onto land.

All images taken on an Olympus OMD EM5, Olympus 12mm superwide lens and processed in Adobe Lightroom and/or Adobe Photoshop

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