The week in photos – Seventeen.

Greetings from sunny Edinburgh in Scotland!

After an 19 hour flight involving a 9 hour layover in Doha, Qatar, I touched down yesterday and the weather has been glorious, the best I’ve seen ever in the UK. The first order of the day was to devour a hamburger, steak and down an icy cold IPA beer and champagne; all the things I couldn’t get in Vietnam! It’s definitely been good being in a kitchen and cooking again.

I’m currently staying with my sister and her family, meaning I’ll get some quality time with my two nieces. They’ve grown up so much since I saw them two years ago and their Scottish accents are quite pronounced!

It’s been a relatively uneventful week as I was busy getting ready for the trip and meeting deadlines on a project that I was working on. This coming week is quite busy with the Scottish Highland Show on tomorrow and then I’ll be planning to spend some time in the Isle of Skye. Hopefully the weather will continue it’ roll and be favourable for the coming week. At this time for the year, the sun doesn’t set until 10:30pm so it means for the sunset photos I want to make means that there could be a few late nights ahead!

This week in photos are from the past few days from the flight over and including the past couple of days in Edinburgh. As usual, let me know which ones you like the most.

HIA airport, doha

Sunset after sleeping overnight at the Hamid International Airport in Doha.

water spray

My two nieces getting the hose down to cool off in the Scottish heat. It’s 26 degrees celsius which is considered nearly a heatwave.

river almond edinburgh

Went for a walk today along the River Almond nearby where there is a small waterfall.

cramon island

Viewing out from a WWII era fortification from Cramon Island towards Edinburgh.


I can’t get enough of the old architecture and the narrow cobbled streets in this city.


Hopefully the blue skies are around for much longer.

water reflections

Reflections off the surface. Can anybody name the plants with the elephant ear shaped leaves?

calton hill

The Scottish National Monument, similar to that of the Parthenon. It was built to commemorate the Scottish soldiers who died during the Napoleonic wars however they ran out of money and it was never completed.

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