The week in photos – “Quiet observations”

Greetings from Sapa, in Vietnam! Well after a few days in Hanoi, things have been quite uneventful here in Sapa. I’ve had a second bout of the manflu since Laos and haven’t been out and about as much as I’d like. I’m currently volunteering for Sapa O’Chau, an organisation that organises treks and home stays but also funds a school that aims to improve literacy rates so that children can get back into school. Most volunteers are teachers but I’ll be working in their office helping out with some marketing and content creation from the good work that they do.

I’m currently staying in an old converted hotel which is where the school and boarding for the children are. We have lunch and dinner together and tonight I am cooking for fifty students and volunteers!

This week in photos  is themed as “Quiet observations”. While in Hanoi, I had alot of time to sit down and eat more plates of food than my stomach can handle and countless number of drinks. It’s provided the opportunity to have plenty of conversations but also to observe the chaotic life that can whiz past every minute.

Let me know which ones you love the most and as usual, let me know if you have any suggestions on themes that you want to challenge me to capture.

Cheers! :)

hanoi night time

Enjoying a beer at Hanoi’s main intersection near Hoan Kiem Lake

street food hanoi

We found literally this hole in the wall establishment for to try to Banh Xeo when the owner (background) started making these little parcels of pork, vermicelli noodles and herbs so we had to try some. They were delicious.

yoghurt sour coffee

Enjoying a yoghurt coffee at Cong Caphe coffee shop in Hanoi. Surprisingly delicious

hanoi family

Many places sell Bia Hoi which is keg beer for 25c that you enjoy whilst sitting on a small plastic stool on the side of the road. This lady who runs the shop was babysitting her grand daughter whilst the mother was taking care of other business

old man

This man was across the road from where we were enjoying our bia hoi. He was in the same post for at least five minutes as though he was waiting for somebody.

bia hoi

Watching the world go by with my bia hoi


Having lunch with some of the volunteers and staff at Sapa O’Chau

Which one is your favourite photo?


The week in photos – “Quiet observations” — 7 Comments

  1. Maybe your waiting man was posing? Ensuring you got a brilliant shot :) It’s such a great photo. Love the first one and the lady with her Grand daughter also. All fantastic! Want to try the yoghurt coffee!! Love to hear more about the School. X

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