Patagonia Series: Biking in Bariloche

Alpine architecture,  trekking, micro-breweries, and Saint Bernard dogs chasing tourists. These are things you would associate with a European ski town. This is Bariloche, a town in the Northern Patagonian region of Argentina that is visited all year round for both the winter and summer activities

I was passing through Bariloche to break up the trip to Mendoza from Puerto Montt after getting off the Navimag ferry. The ride from Puerto Montt was about 6 hours and as usual, I was constantly amazed at the endless beauty of this area. We were now in the what they called the lake district of Northern Patagonia which covers both the Chile and Argentina. Each year, thousands of tourists flock here to trek, fish, ski and frolic around in the cool waters of the many lakes that are fed by the surrounding glaciers.

As I mentioned earlier, you wouldn’t be blamed if you mistook the place for being European. It’s a popular destination for Europeans who enjoy the fresh air and the scent of pine needles. It became a popular for Germans who fled after the war. For the conspiracy theorists, it’s said to the place where Adolf Hitler fled to after WWII.

I only had a couple of days to burn so decided to take on the advice of the hostel staff and do a 25km cycle along a couple of the lakes about 17km from town. It’s not the easiest ride with many hills but overall, it was worth it for the views especially at one of the restaurants on the hill just half way through the circuit. There were also many hidden bays where you could setup picnic and have a section of the lake all to yourself for pretty much the entire day. After the bike ride, I went up a chairlift to Cerro Campanario where you could get close to a 360 degree view of the surrounding areas. A perfect ending to a couple of days in a beautiful and peaceful town.


View of the first days sunset in Bariloche from the hostel balcony

hotel llau llau bariloche

Hotel Llao Llao. Bariloche’s most upmarket Hotel

Cycling around Bariloche

Amancay flowers line the road

flowers in bariloche

Up close shot


It keeps going on and on


Set up your own picnic on your own beach


Amazing backdrops everywhere

cemetary in bariloche

Came across this cemetery in the mountains

bariloche cemetery

Pretty spooky

View over a few of the many lakes

A bar with a view. Click on the image to view in higher res

craft beer

One of the many craft beers available here

Cerro Campanario

Looking down towards Lago Perito Moreno

bird on Cerro Campanario

Even the local wildlife enjoy the views

ipad photography

Had to get a shot of this guys kit #ipadphotography #fashion

chairlift to Cerro Campanario

Why walk after riding 25km on a bicycle when you can catch a chairlift?

bariloche sunset

Another cracking sunset. Click on the image for a high res shot

polenta bolognese

The kitchen had a free food box with polenta so I made polenta bolognese


Other important information

Stayed: 1004 Penthouse Hostel. Don’t let the strange title fool you. This place is located on the top floor of an apartment block and has the most stunning views of the sunset over Rio Negro. They bake their own bread and the kitchen is huge with two stove tops and ovens. I couldn’t recommend this place highly enough.

Getting there: Frequent busses depart and arrive in Bariloche. The station is a few kilometres from the town which costs about $5 in a taxi to get to. There’s also an airport with frequent flights.

Cycling: Cordillera Bike Rental & Tours is located 18km from town. It’s only a 20 minute ride on the bus from town to the shop. Make sure you get a pre-paid bus card as the buses don’t accept cash. If you organise the bike from 1004 Penthouse Hostel, they will give you a discount on the bike rental as well as a bus card you can borrow and return without having to purchase a new card from a corner store.

Cerro Campanario: Just a 10 minute walk from Cordillera Bike Rental. You can walk up the hill which will take an hour or pay $7 for a lift up on the chair lift.

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