Galapagos Islands Day 8 – North Seymour

It’s our final day to our tour around the Galapagos Islands with our final visit being North Seymour. After a few wines and rums on our final night, we’re all feeling a bit flat for what should be a pretty exciting session. The mind is willing but the body isn’t.

Anyway, it’s probably the best sunrise we’ve had all week and as we approach the shore, we can spot hundreds of birds circling. This is where the male Great Frigate Birds are with their inflated pouches indicating that they are ready to get down and dirty with the ladies. The primary species we see are the Frigates but we also see quite a few Blue Footed Boobies as well.

It was a pretty jam packed and exhausting eight days on the Golondrina. When I saw the wild animals on safari in Kenya, I thought it would not get any better and although it’s difficult to compare the two side by side, all expectations were exceeded and this trip would rate up there as one of the travelling highlights for me. If any of you have the slightest interest in going then I say go for it! With a bit of planning, it’s possible and not out of reach as everybody makes it out to be.

Galapagos Islands North Seymour

Trying to not get pooped on

Galapagos Islands North Seymour

Great Frigate Bird in full flight

Galapagos Islands North Seymour

No different to humans?

Galapagos Islands North Seymour

Just hanging

Galapagos Islands North Seymour

Baby chicka

Galapagos Islands North Seymour

Even Boobies enjoy a sunrise

Galapagos Islands North Seymour

Boobies like to do a little waddle

stir fry


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