Galapagos Islands Day 5 – Isla Lobos and Kicker Rock

Today’s schedule was a pretty easy one compared to the previous days. We had cruised overnight to make up some ground and woke up with a stunning view of the morning rays beaming off Kicker Rock in the distant background. The day started with a leisurely cruise in the dinghy around the mountainous coastline of Isla Lobos.

After that was a wet landing on shore followed by an stroll. It was quite low key and were pretty much left to wander for ourselves as most of us wondered what we were doing. There was no lecture on the landscape or wildlife while Fabian our guide sat on the beach and chatted to a guide from one of the other boats.  Perhaps he wanted us to relax and take it all in and we were taking it all for granted because coming from Sydney we have incredible beaches as well…sans the Sea Lions.

Afterwards, we set sail for Kicker Rock where we would circumnavigate the island and then snorkel through the gap and around the side. This is the prime location to see hammerheads, however unfortunately today was not to be the day as visibility was limited to about five metres. We did however spot a few large sea turtles, a small shark and lots of organisms that resembled thin sheets of plastic. Apparently the turtles go crazy for them.

Eventually the freezing sea temperatures and lack of hammerhead sharks got the better of us and we retreated back to the boat. Afterwards, we had to make an unscheduled stop to the mainland to pick up some spare parts. We didn’t mind so much as it would give us an opportunity to check out the seal lions who make themselves at home and the stock up on some wine and unwind and relax.

Kicker Rock

Waking up to this view


isla lobos


kicker rock

Kicker Rock in the distance

Isla Lobos

Greeting party


Make yourself at home




Somehow I don’t think it’s a playground for humans

san cristobal

Sunset at San Cristobal 

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