Galapagos Islands Day 1 – Isla Santa Cruz North Side

We flew into the Galapagos late morning to meet Fabian, our guide for the week and some of the fellow passengers who came in on the same flight whilst we waited for the rest to arrive on a later flight. When they all arrived, we jumped on a bus for a short ride of a couple of kilometres down to the port where most of the other boats were moored. After boarding the ship and briefing, the Golondrina set out for a short cruise to the North Side of Santa Cruz Island where we would disembark at Bachas Beach for a stroll and orientation.

It was a pretty laid back walk with a brief introduction to the island habitat. During the afternoon, we saw Frigate birds, Crabs, Darwin Finches, Brown Pelicans, White Tipped (I think) sharks, Sea Turtle nests, plenty of cactus, Marine Iguanas and the first of many stunning sunsets.

After dinner, we set the Golondrina in the direction of Isla Genovesa which would be an overnight ride to the most north eastern point of the archipelago.


The hour long flight over the Pacific with TAME Airlines

windmills on baltra island

Recently installed windmills. Soon 10-15% of the energy on the Island will be powered by wind


The Golondrina awaits.

Santa cruz bachas Beach

Fabian, our guide or Naturalist as they are called here

Santa Cruz bachas beach Galapagos


Bachas beach sunta cruz island galapagos

Sally Lightfoot Crabs that dot the lava rocks on every island

Bachas beach sunta cruz island galapagos

Marine Iguanas have a fin like tail that allow them to swim across the water like snakes.

Bachas beach sunta cruz island galapagos

Impressions and mounds in the sand mark where turtles have laid their eggs. As the sand is made up of organic matter such as sea shells, the heat is reflected so the turtles don’t know when is night or day so at times will hatch during the day.

frigate bird galapagos

A frigate bird patrols the beach for turtle hatchlings

bachas beach santa cruz island galapagos

Remnants of a barge abandoned in the Second World War

flamingo on bachas island santa cruz galapagos

There were only two flamingos that day


First sunset with new friends


Sailing off to Genovesa Island


Dinner – JimmyEatsChickenandVege


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