Roast Pork Tostadas – Mexican/Asian inspired fusion

We were going to go to see a movie at the local cinema as it was tight arse Wednesday where movies are $2. However the only tickets we could get were for the front row. Screw that. So off I were back to Sarah and Tyrhone’s to cook some leftover roast pork that Sarah had purchased the day before off a street vendor. Now if you’ve eaten here in Mexico, you would notice the lack of vegetables in the diet so I picked up half a cabbage and a pineapple to make some Mexican/Asian fusion inspired tostadas. I think it cost $1.60 all up.  Now I don’t normally blow my own trumpet but damn these were pretty freakin’ tasty.

Back at the ranch, I heat a frying pan on a medium heat and dry fry the already roasted pork skin side down with a plate resting on top to weigh it down and ensure as much pork skin kisses the pan to for maximus crackliness. Within minutes its golden and crispy. I smells take me back to BBQ King in Sydney Chinatown. I could sense we are in for something special.

In the meantime, Sarah assembles the dressing. 5 table spoons of soy, 5 tablespoons of vinegar, a few table spoons of sugar and some lime juice. Dressing, done.

Finely shred the cabbage. The finer the better. Sarah only had a small serrated knife. Sometimes you just have to work with the implements you’re given.  Dice the pineapple up into small pieces. Mix the cabbage, pineapple and some sliced onions and a bunch of coriander together along with the dressing.

Asian and Mexican infusion inspired tostado dressing with Cabbage, pineapple, onion, soy and lime dressing, coriander

Cabbage, pineapple, onion, soy and lime dressing, coriander

Chop the pork into small bite sized pieces.

roast pork with crispy crackling

Mmmm crispy crackling

Pile it all onto the tostada with hot sauce of your choice.

Mexican and asian inspired crispy roast pork tostada with cabbage and pineapple salad

Ta Da!


Throw it down the hatch. 


If we had additional ingredients readily available, what I’d do to transform it into something next level is add toasted and ground rice, sesame seeds and a dash of sesame oil in the dressing.

 So my friends. What improvised dishes have you whipped up last minute that totally blew your mind at how good it was?

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