Too pretty to eat

I’m a huge fan of Chinese cuisine and if you want excellent quality at a reasonable price then you can’t go past Chefs Gallery in the Sydney CBD. Here you can view into the ‘lab’ where the masked chefs (to prevent germs contaminating the food) are creating their dim sims and hand stretching noodles for all the noodles dishes.

The 'Lab'

The ‘Lab’

I was there for a quick bite with friends and couldn’t help but order the edible garden for dessert. It’s basically two steamed buns with black seasame filling as well as ‘totorro’ marshmallows and a lot of coloured shredded coconut with accompanying strawberry and mango ice cream. Definitely style over substance but fun nevertheless.

Edible Garden

Highs – Any of the dumplings are fresh and tasty. You can taste the freshness and northern Chinese spices come through in the pickles and hand made noodle dishes

Lows: Don’t order too much as they will all come out at once

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